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New autonomous and multi-UAV capabilities were launched for perimeter security and first response for sensitive facilities. The development will provide command and control with accurate real-time data without risking human operators, enabling them to make decisions in real time. The technology is designed for U.S. military, security and first responder operations.

The technology allows the user to operate several UAVs in tandem on the same mission as well as in multiple locations. This technology not only allows for near-limitless surveillance, but the cost-effective system also enables the user at the command and control station to seamlessly collect data whenever and wherever he needs it, according to Atlas Dynamics, the developer of the platform.

According to, the main display is the AtlasNEST, an advanced docking station for autonomous takeoff, landing and battery swapping.

The AtlasNEST provides a wide array of deployment capabilities for constant readiness and preplanned missions. It is designed for the company’s proprietary AtlasPRO UAV — a versatile, high-end platform with endurance of 50 minutes, a communication range of 10km with HD streaming and the ability to survive extreme conditions.