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Firefighters, law enforcement officers and other first responders have to be constantly connected. Legacy communication systems or smartphones are not always the right and convenient solution. A suite of wearable solutions that will enable emergency responders to maintain always-on connectivity and communication, as well as location awareness, without requiring a mobile data terminal or mobile phone close by was developed by Samsung Electronics America.

Outfitted with the Galaxy smartwatches, a broader range of responders — such as those on bicycles and horseback — will be able to receive and respond to emergency dispatches and changing dispatch call status.

This is an extension of Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) with Samsung Galaxy smartwatches, through partnerships with the leading public safety solution providers Northrop Grumman, CentralSquare Technologies, Caliber Public Safety and Tyler Technologies.

“Public safety is now moving to achieve real benefits from the Internet of Life Saving Things (IoLST), thanks to crucial advances in hardware and software capabilities,” said TJ Kennedy, Co-Founder of the Public Safety Network. “Samsung bringing CAD to its market-leading Galaxy smartwatches is a great example of this, and another example of how the company is committed to innovation and technical leadership in the public safety space.”

The CAD app solutions all leverage Samsung Knox, a defense-grade mobile security platform built into Samsung devices. They also use Samsung Knox Configure, a cloud-based service to deploy and customize multiple devices at scale over-the-air.

Reg Jones, U.S. Head of Public Sector, Samsung Electronics America said: “Beyond the communications and connectivity benefits, these devices now help public safety agencies gain real-time awareness of their teams’ health and wellness in the field, and provide critical information and location data into command views of incidents.“