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Video data is exploding in size. The sheer volume of available video, and the man-hours required to monitor and review it, overwhelms many public safety and intelligence agencies. Moreover, human reviewers miss 50% of objects after 20 minutes of video review.

A new AI-based video analytics technology, FulcrumAI, powers a 20x improvement in central monitoring and video review through cutting-edge collection, analysis, sharing and collaboration tools. Whether you run a city-wide real-time crime center, investigations team, or an intelligence analysis unit, this technology enables operators, investigators, and analysts to stop watching and start solving.

The FulcrumAI, developed by Vintra, is a force-multiplying solution for organizations and public safety agencies who need to review, monitor and make sense of real-world video from fixed or mobile cameras, for both real-time monitoring and post-incident investigations.

The technology was purpose-built from the ground up using the very latest in deep learning technology, specifically for the security, safety, transportation and enterprise sectors.

The technology can be instantly deployed in the cloud and integrated into an enterprise’s current VMS and existing camera network for real-time analytics.

Unlike many legacy video analytics offerings, this new approach works with footage from mobile cameras of all types and in challenging lighting conditions. The deep learning-based architecture also supports future, user-created analytics, according to

The company says their patent-pending solution transforms real-world video into actionable and tailored intelligence. It augments traditional monitoring and investigations, turning cameras into proactive, intelligent tools.