Big Data for HLS Conference & Exhibition

LAGO Conference Center, West Rishon LeZion,Israel

Big Data Fusion Conference and Exhibition in Israel. In both the defense and HLS world, Israel is a leading player with proven capabilities and operational experience. Today’s threats range from criminal activity to full scale war through large scale terrorism and Cyber-attacks against national critical infrastructures. At present, actionable Intelligence is within reach of Homeland Security Mega-agencies and organization. The data is “out there”, in the virtual world, the challenge lies in gathering, assessing, and providing real-time relevant alerts.

Among the Topics discussed at the conference:

  • Big Data Analytics for the Intelligence Mission
  • BigData in Law Enforcement
  • Social Media Analytics for the Intelligence
  • Big Data and Smart cities
  • Uncovering Unknown Threats with Big Data Analytics
  • Multidisciplinary Aspects of Threat Information Sharing
  • Real-Time Sensor Environment
  • Big Data Integration
  • Predictive Analytics and Money Laundering Prevention
  • Cyber Threats and Big Data Security