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11277212_sThe use of “swarms” of mini or micro unmanned air systems (UAS) for homeland security missions is being evaluated now.

“The main problem is not the technology but to develop the trust of the potential clients that this concept can work” Arik Yavnai one of the Israeli leading experts in unmanned “Swarms” told Flight.

Work on developing “UAS “Swarm” technology is being performed mainly in the U.S and Israel.

Last year , Boeing has performed  autonomous communications and operation of a “Swarm ” Of small UAS  over of eastern Oregon.

This test involved two ScanEagles made by Boeing / Insitu and one Procerus developed by the John Hopkins University.

The basis of the Swarm technology is to actually imitate the way insects communicate and perform tasks as an intelligent group.

The UAS that participated in the Boeing tests worked together to search the test area through self-generating waypoints and terrain mapping, while simultaneously sending information to teams on the ground.

Israeli scientist say that one of the main problems is related  to trust of the operators that such a method will work “. A swarm will be comprised either by UAS that each will perform part of the mission or by platforms that each will perform part of a comprehensive mission” one of the scientist said.

He added that any such Micro UAS may carry a different type of sensors to create the “big picture”.