An iHLS Startup: Pocket-Sized Drone to Operate in Dangerous Indoor Environments

disaster areas

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Following large fires, hurricanes or earthquakes, first responder teams in disaster areas sometimes have to refrain from entering unstable structures, due to the danger to their lives, despite of their strong motivation to detect more survivors.  

Eyeron has developed a life-saving solution that will turn detection, search and rescue operations into more efficient and secure operations, while drastically decreasing the risk to the lives of the first responders.

The company, which participates at the iHLS Security Accelerator, developed a pocket-size drone which supplies first responders with a clear image of an indoor situation without actually being there and risking their lives.

The company’s unique communication solution enables the operator to remotely operate it from a safe distance outside, while receiving real time video that enables full understanding of the situation indoors.

The system developed by the company has, among others, also military and law enforcement applications, thanks to its ability to detect hostile elements and other dangers indoors, prior to the forces’ entrance at urban warfare scenarios.

The company which targets its innovative technology to the first responder market, mainly in the US, maintains close collaboration with law enforcement, firefighting, and search and rescue forces, military organizations and leading users, in Israel and the US, sharing with them the system specification process, taking into account their unique requirements and workflows.

“Currently, Eyeron is at the peak of the development process and is now at the midst of a financing round”, says Nimrod Ron, the company CEO, who serves as a reserve combatant at an IDF elite unit. “During many military operations I was exposed to the vital need in the development of a technology that would quickly and effectively screen indoor environments from a safe distance. Our solution supplies a clear image of indoor environment before the entrance of the forces, minimizing the risk to the soldiers. Following the 2015 earthquake in Nepal I joined, as a reserve service, the Israeli humanitarian mission. Many teams entered unstable structures in search for survivors , and there I was exposed to additional scenarios where such solution would have prevented life-threatening operations by the forces there”.

The company’s team includes also engineers with years of experience in system engineering and the development of minimized, light-weight and low power avionics for the defense and homeland security sectors, expertising in maintaining the market’s highest standards.

Eyeron’s solution conforms to the Military Standard, assuring the highest credibility, and enabling the system to fly under extreme weather conditions, hit walls and even fall from high altitudes without harm.

Because of the low weight of the system due to its tiny size, the vehicle is not exposed to the US FAA standardisation and licensing. The vehicle is capable of entering into indoor spaces through narrow cracks, and even when all the communication systems in the area collapse it can be controlled by a completely intuitive control system which does not require any special instruction.

Undoubtedly, these advantages will make Eyeron’s drone a promising solution helping army units and first responder teams to enter indoor environments endangered by either the unstable structure or by hostile elements and other dangers inside.

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