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Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) was one of the first companies to join iHLS defense and HLS startup accelerator when it was first announced.

IAI, Israel’s largest defense company, is active in both the defense market as well as the civilian aviation market, in a wide range of fields and in varied terrains via satellite systems, aerial systems (both manned and unmanned), ground systems, maritime security systems, integrative intelligence systems, communications, cyber, electro-optic systems and more.

Innovation and technological leadership are both central values for IAI, which is at the top of the list of companies registering patents each and every year. The company is always seeking to expand its offerings and to combine more capabilities with existing systems. Thus, the company is investing highly in R&D.

Joining the accelerator allows IAI to see what initiatives are being developed, to strengthen connections with entrepreneurs, to identify the projects which the company is interested in developing as additional capabilities and to support these projects with its ability both in human resource and in technological resources: Connecting with the company’s R&D, access to experts and infrastructures, “directing” the project to directions which can become unique and support with counseling and developing these projects.

In order to map these developing projects and those which the company has an interest to help develop, IAI will offer its senior experts which will take part in the accelerator’s activity and assist both in pointing relevant directions of development, based on knowledge of the current market’s needs, and in recognizing unique projects which are of interest to the company.

These experts will accompany the chosen projects, connect them with relevant R&D and experts to their activity. This way, the project and those heading it will receive close help with development and direction until the product matures.

The company believes that this direct connection and partnership will allow projects relevant to IAI to receive close support from the best experts in different fields and from the developed infrastructures the company has to offer on one hand, and on the other hand allow company’s employees working in these fields to help develop advanced technological capabilities in the state of Israel and be exposed to a different, “fresh”, and creative thinking.

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