New Passenger Luggage Inspection Concept in Ben-Gurion Airport

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6475291_sA weak spot in airport Security centers around the inspection of passenger luggage as it is almost impossible to check every piece of luggage thoroughly while maintaining an acceptable handling rate of passengers and without causing major delays. The authorities at Tel-Aviv’s Ben-Gurion Airport are constantly seeking new means of shortening the security inspection system for passenger luggage in order to improve inspection times.

A new luggage inspection method is undergoing testing at Ben-Gurion Airport which could replace the current profile method in practice today. The new method is based on innovative technology that has been undergoing tests over the past several years by the security department.

Details about the new system are confidential, but it is expected to speed up the flow of travelers at Ben Gurion airport. The technology behind the new method is based on the inspection of all passengers’ luggage, but necessitating the inspection and opening of specific suitcases, the ones the new method regards as being suspicious.  All of the other cleared suitcases will be transferred directly to the aircraft without delay.

It is believed that there is no other test method in current use around the world with so high a level of reliability. The new method relies on technology that was developed in Israel and is based on a unique set of specifications and requirements which has been gathered over time.  The design and innovation of the method is based on years of operational experience and know-how.

Ben-Gurion airport’s current luggage checking methods and system are based on the polling or profile method, which involves the opening and handling of many suitcases, creating “traffic” jams especially during periods of passenger congestion.

Efforts are currently being made at Ben Gurion airport to expedite and enable a full-scale pilot for the new system. After careful examination and scrutiny of the system and its methods under real operating conditions, the airport authorities hope to implement a full scale system. A source in Israel has said that even based on the partial information that is currently available the concept is generating great interest and suggests that a revolution in passenger security and handling is almost here.