Holographic Radar Can Detect UAS at 4 Nautical Miles

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holo_radar_ip_lg1Following a series of tests beginning at the end of last year, Aveillant’s unique holographic radar has proved able to detect and track drones, as small as the commercially available Phantom II, at ranges in excess of 4 nautical miles.

According to sUAS In addition to internal trials, Aveillant was approached by a major multinational searching for a technology capable of drone detection. In a trial defined by the multinational, Aveillant’s demonstrated performance was way in excess of other proposed solutions, detecting a  drone of Phantom II size within seconds of launch and identifying it both on radar and visually. Holographic radar is the world leading next generation radar technology and Aveillant is continuing to expand its surveillance capability.

Following an increase in potentially threatening activity involving drones, Rob Abbott, Aviation Director at Aveillant, commented on recent trials and the high levels of fidelity shown using its holographic radar:

“With the recent increase in public drone activity, including drone flights over sensitive sites, such as nuclear power stations and government buildings, and incidents of proximity with civil airliners, the world is understandably concerned about the potential risks that this accessible technology presents. We are pleased to be able to confirm that Aveillant’s holographic radar is capable of tracking these targets.”