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38979097_mTop security experts from Israel and foreign countries are gathered in Herzelia today to get updates on the recent technologies that serve perimeter and off shore security.

“This is the top event in that field and in a very short time has become a must for the industry ” one Israeli experts said.

Israel is a global leader in the HLS, with demonstrated capabilities and resources. Leading Israeli companies are involved in many of the ambitious and prominent security projects worldwide. Israel’s advanced technology is based on knowledge and operational experience. In recent years, terrorist organizations and other hostile elements threaten strategic security in order to disable everyday routine.

Oil and gas rigs are relatively close to the beaches, and their size and vulnerability allows the enemy a relatively easy way to produce significant injury. The roles of the security industry are to defend protection of the rig operations 24/7 from any threats or potential emergency attacks, and even its regular routine. Methods of protection and how to deal with different threats and layers (sea, air and sub days), is necessary to protect economic and strategic infrastructure.

The conference focus on issues like sensors ,data protection and the other relevant issues that are part of this big and growing market.