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לעברית לחץ כאן


10396327_sWhen we decided to build this site ( we realized that it will fill a need. But almost two months later we have to admit that even we are surprised.

The reactions from Israel and the world are surprisingly encouraging in their focus. Our readers are interested in the small details and they ask to be updated on a daily basis.

These reactions are very pleasant on one hand but they put a big burden on the team, on the other.

We are doing every possible effort to get the most updated and relevant information and publish it in the framework of the security restrictions we have to follow under Israel law.

This site is and will continue to be the home of the Israeli homeland security – for readers all over the world.

Our very professional team of writers and editors, together with content contributors from the industry are bringing a wide variety of news, technology, concepts, opinions and issues that are related to the immense (and some times of Amorphous nature) field called homeland security.

We, of course, are happy to hear your comments so that we know exactly what interests you – enabling us to be more focused, relevant and interesting.

egozi300Arie Egozi

i-HLS, Editor-in-chief