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18315594_m egozi featureIt’s becoming routine. When Israel launches a war everything goes according to plan at first, and then the politicians begin to stutter and hesitate. Behind closed doors military leaders are furious, but publicly they maintain a relaxed attitude of “we’ll carry out the government cabinet’s decisions.” That’s how it should be, but hesitation costs lives. “When you have to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk,” as the saying goes.

So the fire stopped over the last few days, based on invented terms like “humanitarian ceasefire,” “humanitarian corridor” or “quiet will be met with quiet.” It looks like the government or the cabinet have a software that blurts out terms that make no sense. An army has to receive missions and carry them out. When ministers hesistate the fighting needs to stop, because we have already lost.

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Over the last few days there’s been an attempt to mitigate the Gaza tunnels fiasco. They also tried to hide the seven-year-old State Comptroller report regarding the issue. It’s a massive failure that prevents Israel from ending the fighting. As usual in Israel, however, no one in is going to accept responsibility and pay the price. Senior ministers and reserve military officers are already prepareing documents in case they’re called to testify before a board of inquiry. They have nothing to worry about, though: Even if that board will publish the most biting report in history of the state, it will still be ignored.

We can’t abandon the Israeli towns around Gaza and simply ignore the tunnel threat. A new, temporary solution has to be found before the current operations ends, a solution based on clear, deadly threat by the Israeli government: If the Hamas uses a tunnel to carry out terror attacks against civilians, there has to be an extremely unbalanced and painful retaliation.

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Turkey now wants to send a “humanitarian” flotilla to Gaza, escorted by its own navy ships. A reminder – Turkey is a member of NATO. Even if we disregard the fact that it acquired Chinese missiles and spat in the face of the U.S. almost every week, if that doesn’t result in an American response then NATO should be dismantled, along with the UN.

iHLS – Israel Homeland Security

A new low for that organizations, too. The U.N. General Secretary reached the Middle East in an executive jet arranged by Qatar. His statements have nothing to do with reality. The UN’s human rights organization is controled by Islamist states, who demand that Israel’s “war crimes” be investigated. Not to mention the UNRWA facilities in Gaza, which doubled as rocket storage sites.

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The Iron Dome system proved itself beyong all doubts in the current war, and Israel is developing other, similar systems as well. That’s all well and good, and the U.S. even assists with funding the process, but the war in Gaza has proven that we should also develop new, advanced weapons. Weapons that will do the job with minimal risks to soldiers on the ground. When Israel fights murderous organizations such as Hamas or Hezbollah it’s aerial strike capabilities save Israeli lives.

There’s a great need for a weapon that will paralyze the terrorists. The left-wing activists protesting Israel’s “crimes” should be ignored. They can relocate to Gaza if Israel is so bad. They forget the only reason they’re alive is because of those “crimes.”