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UNThe United Nations breaks every world record for stupidity. The organization has changed from an an irrevleant organization to an organization of clowns.

The Human Rights Council convened yesterday in order to discuss Israel’s “crimes”.  Therighteous ones who sit in this organization expressed concern over trhe “Israeli Massacre in Gaza”.

Immediately thereafter the representatives went to the whiskey bar at the United Nations. This isnot hypocrisy. This organization is not worth to treat it at all.

This joke called the UN, can put money in. My suggestion to Banki Moon is to improve theorganization’s financial situation which forced him to fly an airplane funded by Qatar into our region, and turn the UN into an entertainment company. Human Rights Council and other similarcouncils can begin their world tours. I would love to sell tickets to these entertaining events.

But this is low humor, it’s not funny. While genocide continues in Syria. While Africa killsthousands every day, this New York City organization decides to check the “war crimes” that havbe happended in Israel.

The entertainment industry has good bands and mediocre bands. The Human Rights Council of the United Nations is at the bottom. Near the garbage cans there. The fact is, this unnecessaryorganization has long ago become the laughing stock of the garbage cans.

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