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18315594_m egozi featureThe southern part of Israel, or, to be more precise, the Sderot and Ashkelon regions, have seceded from the rest of the nation. Citizens there are no longer paying taxes or carrying IDs. That’s obviously not true, but they’re still abandoned by our government and left to the tender mercies of Hamas and their rockets. No other country in the world would treat its citizens this way. Israel does it time after time.

Dozens of rockets and our Air Force targets “launch pits”. Ridiculous. That won’t stop the rocket fire. Israel is officially lost if the Hamas gang hideout is still standing this morning. Our cabinet ministers, however, are busy holding late-night discussions while accomplishing nothing.

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Knesset member Orit Struk, during an appearance on a morning talk show, said the Hamas terror should be “exterminated”. One of the hosts responded angrily, saying that her expression belongs in “darker eras.” How long will these hypocrites continue to treat terrorists this way? The Hamas is proud of the fact that it wants to do Israelis what the Nazis did to Jews in Europe.

Hosts also criticized anti-Palestinian outcries on Israeli social networks, following the murder of the three youths. What did they expect? Poetry? The frustration over the government’s lack of action has to be released somewhere, even if it’s an IDF soldier’s facebook status update.

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Rioters throw improvised explosives at security forces in Moscow. Some of them are immediately shot in the leg. Okay, let’s not go that far, Russian security forces are known for their relative brutality. Let’s take Washington. Try throwing explosives at American police officers, you’ll end up in the hospital, or in the morgue.

iHLS – Israel Homeland Security

Yesterday Arab rioters in Jerusalem threw explosives at Israeli police officers. The response was tear gas. That’s not how you deal with terror in the Israeli capital. This insane fear of international boards of inquiry disables Israel’s ability to deal with violent outbursts in Jerusalem. Think about how Hamas sees this response, along with the bombardment of “launch pits” in Gaza.

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Iran has a new national hobby: Humiliating the west over everything having to do with the so-called “nuclear talks.”

After U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry warned Tehran that time to reach an agreement was running out, Iran responded yesterday by saying that if the superpowers present “overblown demands” an agreement will be impossible.

Did you hear that? If you put too much pressure on Iran there won’t be an agreement. How did it come to this? It may have something to do with the groveling behavior towards the ayatollahs. Now here’s the result.