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Brother's Keeper operation in Gaza. Photo: IDF Spokesman's Office
Brother’s Keeper operation in Gaza. Photo: IDF Spokesman’s Office

For those who are familiar with the murderous group known as Hamas, the way this story ended was predictable. It’s a terrible tragedy, and it reminds us that the Hamas wants to do the exact same thing to each and every Jewish citizen of Israel.

A short while after the three bodies were found we were already bombarded with inane “expert” opinions regarding what should happen next.

The most foolish suggested strengthening Mahmoud Abbas so that he could take over Hamas. They forgot one thing, though: Abbas is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He’s with the Hamas in the same government right now. Him and others may speak English and wear western suits, but it’s just a facade designed to hide their extremism.

So, strengthen Mahmoud Abbas? Only a complete fool can even suggest such a thing. More nonsense followed, suggestions that have nothing to do with the actual situation. The reality is very simple to grasp: Hamas rules, in Gaza and in the west bank. When it comes to the west bank it adopts more subtle methods, using Fatah as a more friendly and presentable public face.

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Abbas is weak and Hamas is ready to take over the west bank. Israel has a chance now to pummel Hamas back into their bunkers. Over the last few days the IDF, and especially the Air Force, carried out operations against Hamas targets in Gaza. The so called “experts”, however, suggested acting with “restraint” in order to prevent heavy rocket fire on Israel. They treat residents of the south, who are forced to live under a constant threat of rocket fire from Gaza, as residents of some backwards alien planet.

No other country in the world would have held back so long and avoided responding to continuous rocket fire, or, as Israeli officials call it, “a trickle”. If these officials actually lived in the towns threatened by the rockets things would be very different.

Binyamin Netanyahu said “Hamas is responsible, Hamas will pay.” Maybe this time, following the brutal murder of the three kidnapped youths, these won’t be just empty words. Unless that happens Hamas will take over the west bank, and in the near future team up with other murderous radical Muslim groups active in Iraq and threatening Jordan.

Someone has to see the world as it is rather than get caught up in romantic theories of peace with the Palestinians. Peace will never arrive. We have to defeat these murderous gangs once and for all.