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9292215_m featureCriminal terror strikes again. This morning two people were injured in a car explosion in the central-Israeli town of Or Akiva. According to police statements the explosion was caused by a car bomb, a criminally motivated attack.

The powerful explosive detonated at six thirty a.m, completely burning down the car and causing damage to a nearby parked vehicle. The car belonged to an Or-Akiva resident with no criminal record.

According to assessments the two casualties, a 50 year old father and his 30 year old son, were not connected to the event, only passing by on their way to open their nearby grocery store. The two, injured by shrapnel and seriously burned, were evacuated later by emergency services.

iHLS – Israel Homeland Security

This is the most recent incident in a chain of criminal terror attacks that baffle Israeli police. So what does the government do? Nothing. The police, of course, does whatever it can, but their capabilities are severely limited.

Terror is terror. Sometimes it’s carried out by Islamic terrorists and sometimes by Israeli criminals.

This issue must be regarded as terror and more resources must be allocated to fighting crime. The prime minister, for example, can activate the Israel National Security Service, for example, but he doesn’t. And that’s just one example. That’s not done because ministers are weak and the prime minister is incapable of making decisions. Next time there will be a lot more than two casualties.