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egozi's fury featureRussia, China and Iran simply ignore the rest of the world. The first two vetoed a resolution aimed at indicting Syrian leaders for crimes against humanity in the international criminal court in The Hague. This automatic veto prevented Syrian mass murderers from facing trial.

Meanwhile Assad himself is probably optimistic on the eve of his re-election: According to Western intelligence sources Hezbollah, Iran and Russia are getting more involved in the fight against the rebels. Russian involvement in Iran hasn’t been so intense since the 1980s.

So Assad goes on ignoring the world. He goes on using chemical weapons and the world seems happy that China and Russia prevent any potential punitive actions. This way other countries are exempt from attempting to stop the ongoing genocide.

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Israel never learns. A week after two Palestinian rioters were killed at the Baituniyah checkpoint the IDF continues to collect information on their deaths. Over the weekend another video documenting the incident surfaced, taken by a Palestinian photographer working for CNN.

So far so good. There was an incident and it has to be investigated. Israel’s confused response, though, including those of IDF staff and cabinet ministers, was shameful and insulting. We’re losing the last few shreds of credibility we still have. First you have to investigate, then feel free to talk about it. That’s how its done in other advanced states. We’re doing it wrong and we are going to pay the price.

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Only five people, perhaps, know the full extent of Israel’s defense budget, the bottom line and all the special clauses. In these circumstances any arguments over the budget and whether it’s sufficient or not are irrelevant. Still, it gives our politicians a lot of opportunities to hurl insults at each other, a practice that doesn’t do much to resolve the situation. When the chief of staff says the army doesn’t have enough resources, I believe him. Lgt. Gen. Gantz is a very reliable man, but he is a single, sane voice out there. All the rest are inane at best, constantly spouting catchphrases despite being unaware of even the basic facts. Israeli politicians reach new lows every week.

So there’s a definite lack of budget clauses that are devoted to training and day-to-day operations, alongside with a massive waste that reaches every part of the defense establishment.

In advanced countries parliament committees oversee this gigantic budget. In Israel even a parliament discussion is just meant to fan the flames and draw media attention. Politics ruins everything, even when it involves the IDF.

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The presidential elections campaign has already sunk to new lows. What does it have to do with homeland security? Let me tell you. The way our prime minister reacts to this issue makes it unclear whether he’s even capable of logical decision making, as opposed to one based on emotions. He’s expending too much effort trying to bar someone he doesn’t like from getting into office, for petty and personal reasons. This casts serious doubts on his entire decision making process, a fact that a lot of people find very disturbing.

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Those who allow price tag attacks to continue now realize how damaging they can be, when a visitor like the Pope himself comes along. Suddenly you have to preemptively arrest religious extremists, or issue restraining orders.

iHLS – Israel Homeland Security

If you neglect your garden weeds will eventually spread everywhere. Something is very strange here. Israel has some of the world’s best security services, this price tag phenomenon should have vanished a long time ago. That didn’t happen and today Israel faces a significant problem.

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Positive results for the nuclear discussion between Iran and the west: According to a recent IAEA report Iran significantly reduced the amount of enriched uranium it stores. The agency believes that the Islamic republic now has less that 40 kg of uranium enriched to a level of 20%, when 200 kg are need to manufacture an atom bomb.

Well, the world enjoys being made a fool. Iran didn’t slow down its military nuclear program, not one bit. Any novice Israeli intelligence agent knows this. The IAEA, however, is part of a global establishment that only wants to keep things calm and orderly. For that reason it publishes made-up reports which are leaked immediately, according to which Iran suddenly transformed into an angel.

Iran is on its way to the bomb and the leadership in Tehran is busy laughing at the expense of the gullible international community.

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The writing was on the wall in Belgium, same as in other countries in Europe. Three people were gunned down yesterday at a Jewish museum in Brussels. A suspect was arrested and admitted to being in the area. There’s no doubt right now that this was an antisemitic attack.

All Jewish establishments in Belgium were placed under maximum security. The attack took place a day before the Belgian and European parliamentary elections. Europe is transforming and the Europeans fail to realize that not only the Jews will suffer, they themselves will be the main victims in this story. Millions of Muslims have taken over entire regions of the continent, making them effectively autonomous. Not all are terrorists but there are active terror cells in Europe, right now.

So politicians can keep expressing their shock and surprise, but that’s just the beginning. Many, more severe attacks will take place in the future, targeting non-Jews as well.