An Insight into Israel’s HLS World

Arie Egozi, Editor iHLS

Homeland security (HLS) is a common term that describes all the efforts made by countries to prevent non military threats, often related to terrorist activity. The term became known after the Sep 11 attacks in the u.s in 2001. Since then a term that was in a way born in the u.s became international.

Israel was exposed to the new ‘Homeland Security’ term as all the other countries, after 9/11 but in fact, preparedness against terror attacks has been part of Israel for almost all its history. That’s exactly why Israel and its defense industries are currently considered in many ways the “Light house” of people who deal with HLS in one way or the other.


The largest Israeli defense industries, in many cases had only to adapt technologies that were developed for defense, and make them applicable to the use in HLS. But many small enterprises and startup companies have also entered the area, introducing new and exciting solutions that address a borad range of requirements, many of which evolved in the community of Israel’s security establishments.

i-HLS will take you to the inner circles of the Israeli HLS world. Adhering to security restrictions that govern publications of this kind, our experienced team will be able to share with you an insight into the technologies, techniques, trends and the concepts shared by those in charge at all levels. We can do it, because we know how to get to the inner circles and what to ask the people in charge.

As an online publication, i-HLS launched today will provide you wealth of information, news and analysis.

I invite you to follow us daily, to get the best picture of the HLS world in Israel and abroad – a view that, in many ways, determines the way things are done all over the world.

Arie Egozi