Israeli Innovation: Quickly Access Massive Amounts of Data

Israeli Innovation: Quickly Access Massive Amounts of Data

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21351258_mThe NetApp company specializes in dealing with the massive amount of information accumulated by organizations every day, and how to quickly access relevant data.

Most of the information is currently stored in internal organizational systems, this according to Guy Rachamim, NetApp Technologies VP, but in the near future everything will be accomplished using external clouds. Today there’s a movement from quick-access, fast hard drives to flash technologies, but the most important trend is the rise in prominence of external cloud storage.

“We supply clients with our normal storage solution services, but at the same time help them adapt to cloud technologies,” said Rachamim.

IHLS – Israel Homeland Security

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NetApp was chosen to upgrade the main storage system for the Tel Aviv University School of Computer Science. The system is utilized by over 6,000 users, including researches specializing in databases, communications, big data, bio-information, computational learning and more. The C4I unit calculates solutions for a variety of problems, from cancer cures and economic behavior of clients to undergraduate students’ home exercises.

The NetApp storage systems are capable of supporting a high level of NFS protocol activity, even during periods of extreme stress. This protocol allows a computer to access files stored on another computer in the same network, which means that one copy of an operating system can be used by more than a thousand networked computers, creating a very easily managed system.

The Snapshots solution will also be used as a safety net for students and researchers, as it prevents losing valuable time with no need for outside interference. The solution allows users to restore files, filtered by time of day, up to two months back.