IllustrationAs if Israel didn’t have its share of terror from its enemies, the criminal related terror, time after time injures and sometime kills innocent bystanders. Today again, a bomb exploded in a car in central Tel-Aviv. Three people were slightly hurt.

While police suspect that the incident was criminal in nature, after it became clear that a person that was in the car is a member of the criminal world in Israel , this is another proof that the terror within , has become a huge problem. It is clear now that only allocating resources to the police, may stop or slow the chain of criminal terror.

While Israel is allocating all the needed resources to try and stop the terror from Islamic terror organization, the same attitude must apply to the effort to stop the terror within. This did not happen until now. The police are working very hard to stop or minimize the terror that stems from gang wars , but without the needed resources and proper legislation – the results will not eliminate the dangers from the streets.