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featurePalo Alto Networks, represented in Israel by Aman Group’s Innocom, recently announced that their sandbox environment Wildfire, allowing malware analysis and protection against zero-day attacks, can now analyze APK Android applications and detect advanced threats in Android applications.

Earlier this year, senior Enterprise Strategy Group Analyst Jon Oltsik said that the number of attacks on mobile devices grew by 1,000%, and their numbers and sophistication levels will continue to grow over the following year.

Thanks to open source Android development being possible these days, Android devices started soaring and at the end of the second quarter of 2013 made up almost 80% of the mobile devices and tablets market. This did not go unnoticed, and the platform became a popular target for malware and attacks.

iHLS – Israel Homeland Security

In order to face these growing threats organization have to adopt security strategies – and make sure their workers, their mobile devices and the networks they use are protected. Unlike traditional endpoint security solutions, Palo Alto’s WildFire technology detects malware on the network and beyond, later analyzing it in a virtual Android environment in order to protect the network from APK-based malware.

Zvika Weissman, Innocom General Manager, said that “smartphones and tablets are becoming as popular as PCs. Protecting these devices against cyber threats becomes a vital interest for organizations.” He added that “Through the functionality of the WildFire-technology sandbox environment, Palo Alto Networks offers a simple way for organizations to protect themselves and their information. Palo Alto Networks’ solutions are practical and effective, and allow focused network enforcement and prevention, without worrying about performance and processing issues common to endpoint solutions.”