Secure Your Platforms NOW

Secure Your Platforms NOW

Cyber space. image by pixabay

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Industry 4.0 brings into the industrial manufacturing process growing automation and data exchange. But industry 4.0 also introduces more risk for operational technology (OT) systems, which now require more investment in cyber security.

The cyber threats are varied. For example, the case of digital twin infrastructure – a digital copy of a production facility or machine. The digital twin enables the simulation of the system’s operation in order to optimize the environment based on that simulation.

Another example is predictive maintenance – the collection of data from a machine, so that if the behavior of the machine of abrasions, temperatures, or whatever else is changing, you do maintenance windows before your machine gets broken. 

In order to operate these functions, organizations have to make changes to their technology. This requires more devices, and the collection of more data requires, in turn, the use of cloud services. 

All this introduces more cyber risk and more complexity. How can organizations mitigate the vulnerabilities and cyber risks?

For a start, they can have a full inventory of hardware and software, then they can monitor the lifecycles of devices, integrate it into the ERP system, and thereby optimize the maintenance of the environment. According to, OT cyber securing is therefore highly important, according to 

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