Another Step on the Way to Airspace Risk Reduction

Another Step on the Way to Airspace Risk Reduction

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New technology allows unmanned aerial vehicles to fly autonomously, in flights beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS), over urban areas and public airspaces. The safety augmentation system for UAVs monitors and detects errors and failures in the system, and carries out risk mitigation missions and contingency and emergency plans.

The system, PrimeCor, is aligned with the new European regulations (Regulation (EU) 2019/947 & (EU) 2019/945), following the aeronautical certification standards.

This is the first product of the PrimeCor Systems product’s family by Abionica Solutions. The system’s design is modular and agnostic to the aircraft and mission, facilitating its integration, and allowing a safe, fast and flexible in-flight operating experience.

The technology is specifically designed for those UAV manufacturers and operators who want to become an industry benchmark in advanced and higher risk operations.

PrimeCor’s functionalities allow from detect-and-avoid to automatic contingency actions, through the implementation of geo-fencing and dynamic geo-fencing.

The solution can allow manufacturers and operators to incorporate services such as cargo and drone delivery, security and surveillance, search and rescue, or facilities inspection into their business model, diversifying and doubling the volume of operations, reducing costs and risks, according to