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How did COVID-19 transform the world of cyber and HLS? What are the challenges faced by cities and states, and how will the latest technological solutions contribute to the response to current threats?

The International Broadcasted Conference INNOTECH 2020 organized by iHLS on December 8-9 will focus on innovation in all these fields, within the framework of fascinating technological content zones.

Interested in sponsoring one or more of the special broadcast content zones? Want to register and participate?

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Ofir Refael Etgar  +972-54-6742036  [email protected]

Yoav Brenner  +972-52-4881113  [email protected]

The advanced broadcast platform provides an effective business arena and B2B meetings, inspiring professional content by the best experts, intriguing expert panels in a wide variety of content zones, a startup competition, and a demonstration of ground-breaking air and ground products.

The event is held in collaboration with the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which will connect to the broadcast high-ranking officials from governments, defense establishments, police, security and intelligence agencies, senior officials from Israeli and global defense industries, technology companies, and hundreds of startups.

The thousands of visitors, hundreds of companies, and innovative startups will be exposed to the Israeli ecosystem in HLS and cyber technologies in the commercial, military, and dual-use fields.

Choose the content zones you’re interested in: 


Cyber Training and Education

Cyber Security Products


Cyber Intelligence

SOC and Monitoring

IR and Forensics

Security Management


Smart and Safe City

5G as Security Enabler

Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terror Financing

Border Security and Sovereignty in a Borderless Era

The unified HQ – SOC, NOC

Smart Transportation



Emerging Technologies in the Security World


Future Infrastructure

New Economy

Quantum Supremacy

Space – the New Domain

Innovation of Innovation

The General Context

National Crisis Management – Lessons Learned

Asymmetric warfare Dimensions in the Modern Era

The Financial War

The COVID-19 Pandemic Roadmap

Worldwide Crime in an Era of Uncertainty

For sponsorship / registration:

Ofir Refael Etgar  +972-54-6742036  [email protected]

Yoav Brenner  +972-52-4881113  [email protected]