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A new software leverages multiple intelligence sources to develop a single picture, simplifying complex data challenges for the modern analyst. The new geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) application fuses data sources and displays data connections in a customizable dashboard. 

GEOINT, the information derived from an analysis of images and data associated with a particular location, poses considerable challenges to analysts.

BAE Systems’ Geospatial eXploitation Products (GXP) group has developed the GXP Fusion software, and delivers it with the existing GXP Xplorer Platform, an application that makes it easy to locate, retrieve, and share geospatial data.

GXP Fusion leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology to allow analysts to make smarter decisions through tailored workflows. Combining a wide variety of data types, including imagery, documents, signals, maps, and video, it creates a multi-perspective view in a single picture, allowing delivery of insightful intelligence and enhanced situational awareness to key decision-makers.

Supporting the development of the most advanced geospatial intelligence, GXP software enables rapid discovery, exploitation, and dissemination of mission-critical geospatial data. From key military, security, and incident response operations, to a variety of commercial development and research initiatives, GXP provides a comprehensive suite of solutions to inform effective decision-making.

“GEOINT customers have big data challenges,” said Dana Poirier, general manager of Advanced GEOINT Systems at BAE Systems. “They require the ability to see hidden relationships and patterns in large volumes of data. GXP Fusion represents an important step in our vision of driving GEOINT transformation.”