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An advanced platform will integrate US military forces with intelligent systems to enable rapid decision-making across the full spectrum of defense operations, in response to US Air Force’s need. 

Analytics company Novetta provided PICARD, Platform for Integrated C3 and Responsive Defense to the Air Force as part of a Pathfinder program. 

PICARD sensor integration platform is used to combine different types of government sensors and create a cohesive data set from which information can be extracted. 

It emerged a few years ago from the idea that the Department of Defense and the federal government would see massive demand for sensors in areas such as responsibility, installations and even battlefields. 

Taking an IoT approach to sensor fusion, the company created an open-architecture edge and cloud system that brings DevSecOps principles to non-traditional operational technologies such as electronic security, control, and weapons systems. In this way, data otherwise trapped by disconnected, proprietary, and legacy environments is unlocked, therefore enabling the provision of actionable information to operators no matter where they are.

The move paves the way for planned deployment to 11 bases in 2022 and across the Air Force as a whole over the next 5 years, according to the company.