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A new unified situational awareness platform for security teams unveiled recently can seamlessly integrate an organization’s disparate internal data or systems, alongside real-time natural disasters and violent feeds on a single intuitive mapping display. 

The data-driven approach allows security teams to have access to all the critical information they need to proactively manage risk before, during, and after a catastrophic event.

WatchKeeper’s platform provides real-time alerts to adverse events in close proximity to customers’ assets, employees, or critical business functions. 

The platform is an essential tool for security teams that need to filter the noise of world events to those that matter for their organization and rapidly respond to incidents. 

The technology identifies relevant security incidents out of two million data points a month and provides integrated functionality to facilitate coordinated action and response. 

The platform offers security teams a complete end-to-end crisis management solution to identify and mitigate a wide variety of threats, including severe weather, civil unrest, terrorism and violent crime.

The platform further supports security and risk teams through the availability of various features. It visualizes physical security threats and client assets simultaneously on its dynamic mapping technology; manages incidents end-to-end with team collaboration, standard operating procedures, automated reporting and after-action reviews; and ensures senior executives are kept informed with intuitive briefing mode.

The technology leverages advanced geospatial technologies, secure cloud-based SaaS infrastructure and industry-leading risk data providers to provide a simple and efficient situational awareness solution, according to