Moving Target Surveillance Capability Under Development

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The US Air Force wants to solve the challenge of generating moving target indication data for ground and airborne targets. The Air Force Research Laboratory has awarded Descartes Labs a $2.2 million contract to generate real-time analytics with a focus on developing moving target indication data.

AFRL will gain access to the company’s geospatial analytics platform, which uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to process and fuse sensor data, such as satellite imagery, for tactical use.

The company was recently awarded a contract from AFRL and AFWERX — an Air Force effort to spark innovation through nontraditional vendors. The company has also worked with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

“Through the implementation of multi-sensor analytics, the Air Force is creating a forward-thinking state-of-the-art national security system,” the company said. “Through increasing use of diverse types of data, the Air Force is laying the groundwork to solve tactical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance problems now and in the future,” as reported by