Panel Discussion Topics – INNOTECH International Live Conference Broadcast for HLS, Cyber...

Panel Discussion Topics – INNOTECH International Live Conference Broadcast for HLS, Cyber and Innovation


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The InnoTech 2020 International Live Conference Broadcast organized by iHLS is a unique opportunity to take a close look at the transformation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic with regards to the cyber and HLS realms, learn what are the challenges faced by cities and states, and discover how the technological solutions contribute to the fight against the pandemic and current challenges. 

The innovative broadcast platform provides an effective business arena and B2B meeting opportunities, offering illuminating professional content by the best experts, fascinating panels in various content zones, a startup competition, and demonstrations of ground-breaking air and ground products.

The event is held in collaboration with Israel Foreign Ministry, which will connect senior officials from global government and defense organizations, including police, security and intelligence agencies, leading figures from Israeli and world defense industries, technology companies, and hundreds of startups.

Thousands of viewers, hundreds of companies will be able to have a close look at the Israeli ecosystem of HLS technologies for civilian, military, and dual-use military-civilian applications.

Avi Yariv, a cyber, intelligence, and HLS expert, is the chairman of the InnoTech Broadcast Steering Committee, and he is joined by Guy Mizrahi, VP Cyber, RayZone Group, one of Israel’s outstanding cyber experts, Brig. Gen. (res.) Sharon Nir, former commander of IDF National School of Communication & Cyber Defense, and Ran Nathanzon, Head of Innovation and Country Branding, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The latest technological developments and hot topics on the international and Israeli agenda will be discussed and analyzed by leading experts during the intriguing panel discussions:  

Cyber Discussion Panels

  • Privacy loss justified by a pandemic
  • Ethics in the operation of intelligence products vis a vis civilians in the COVID-19 age
  • Unclear boundaries – who moved my information? (i.e. the information that used to be in computers and now stored in the cloud, who secures it, regulation, etc.)
  • The right to be forgotten, and can it be applied?
  • Cyber futurology, where are we heading?
  • Cyber futurology, where are we heading?
  • Cyber – a trend or something that will persist?
  • Organizational attacks – when a power attacks a civilian organization
  • I have been attacked – what should be done?
  • OT, IoT, and SCADA

HLS Discussion Panels

  • Smart and safe cities vs. “comfortable cities” and quality of life: technology-based operational efficiency vs. quality of life, the use of command & control systems, cities networked with cameras and sensors
  • Cellular 5G as an enabler or thwarter: added value, regulation, threats, and opportunities
  • Personal security in the COVID-19 age – individual aspects focusing on the right to privacy vs. public health aspects, information systems for epidemiological investigations (AI), dashboards as a tool for breaking the chain of infection
  • Unmanned systems – search and rescue operations

Innovation Discussion Panels

  • Future infrastructure – the next generation of managing and securing cities and infrastructures
  • New Economy – the fintech, crypto and blockchain – creating a new economy
  • Quantum Supremacy – the quantum computing revolution will transform all aspects of life
  • Space – the New Domain – the near space is becoming more accessible, and after the drone revolution, the growing availability of satellites and mini-satellites is opening a new world of opportunities
  • Innovation in the IDF
  • Innovation of Innovation – how to bring innovation into organizations? Various models of innovation advancement in large organizations – internal and external accelerators, new financing models

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