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US Navy Utilizes Virtual Reality At Sea

Flight deck crews on aircraft carriers perform carefully coordinated operations to launch and recover planes safely from and to busy aircraft carriers. Their operational...
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Will The Metaverse Be Militarized?

The metaverse is a hypothetical iteration of the Internet as a single, universal and immersive virtual world that is facilitated by the use of...
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Cyber Security Training Is Not Enough

The US Department of Defense warns that cybersecurity tests are not tough enough. A lack of operationally-realistic threat testing and inadequately resourced program offices...
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US Showcased It Can Withstand Electronic Jamming

In a jamming environment, emergency response or law enforcement missions may be compromised by the lack or unreliability of communications. A counter-jamming exercise held...
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New Special Edge to Law Enforcement Teams

The US Department of Homeland Security is looking for technology to support the development of officers’ skills in the use of force and de-escalation...
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What Is the Carbon Footprints of Machine Learning?

Technological advancement is a must in most industries, including machine learning. Whether it is self-driving cars, automated translating, image recognition and more, machine learning...
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Combat Environment Simulation Is Crucial for Future Conflicts

Imagine knowing the future. Being able to predict what's going to happen next. It feels that this concept is merely a dream, but in...
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Cybersecurity Training – Preparing for Potential Attacks

A pilot of a cybersecurity training event has been carried out recently in the state of Ohio, USA. The event's participants had an opportunity...
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Ukraine Invites Manufacturers to Test Their Weapons on The Battlefield

Ever since the Russian troops invaded Ukraine on February 24th, western countries have slowly begun delivering various weaponry to the Ukraine troops in favor...

New Tech to Improve Mullti-Domain Warfare Capabilities

Virtual, also known as synthetic training, provides flexibility. US Marines will soon be able to participate in joint simulated training exercises thanks to new...
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Military Simulation: More Innovation Required

The US Army seeks new enabling technologies in augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality for future Army simulation and mission rehearsal systems for...
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New Technology Enables Demo Autonomous Search and Follow

In an intriguing experiment, an unmanned aircraft was used with virtual tools to perform swarm action. ASI-GA, a provider of remote-controlled aircraft systems, is...
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UAV Threat: Israel and US Hold Joint Military Exercise

Following four recent incidents of unmanned aerial vehicles entering Israel’s territory during the last few weeks, Israel and the US conducted a joint counter...
Photo F-16 by Media and Public Affairs Bureau Israel Min. of Defense

Israel Dispatches Additional F-16 Fighter Jets to the US 

Israel Ministry of Defense sent four additional F-16s (Falcon) to the US and completed the delivery of a total of 12 fighter jets to...
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Digital Twin Models Under Development for Smart City Applications

Cities are challenged by diverse and complex urban planning issues on the way to the realization of a sustainable society in a smart city...
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Fate of Software Giant’s Flagship Project Questioned

Controversy over the fate of an advanced headset project for the US Army, combining high-resolution night, thermal, and soldier-borne sensors. While a report by Business...
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Israel Takes Part in Massive Naval Exercise Middle-East

Israel is taking part in a massive naval exercise underway in the Middle East, which incorporates unmanned vehicles and artificial intelligence to test out...

New Warfighter Training Paradigm

The US Air Force is funding a new augmented reality (AR) initiative for pilot training. Red 6, an AR technology firm that provides military...
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Israel Air Force’s United School for Elite Units Inaugurated

The Israeli Air Force opened the 7th Wing’s united school for elite air units. The school will instruct and train the Air Force’s special...

Training Data Can Now Be More Useful

In military training sessions, simulation tools usually generate a huge volume of data. Accessing training data can benefit senior officials, who can explore where...

DARPA is Advancing UGV Simulation Platform

DARPA (the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) wants to ensure that algorithms can be developed, validated and deployed more efficiently to enable autonomous...

Classified Images of Hizballah Exercise Found in Drone Downed by IDF

On Jan. 8, the IDF Spokesman in Arabic Maj. Avichay Adraee released images of the Hezbollah drone downed last week as it was flying...