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A pilot of a cybersecurity training event has been carried out recently in the state of Ohio, USA. The event’s participants had an opportunity to conduct various missions while going up against challenging cyber threats. 

During the exercise, the participants were challenged by multiple simulated malicious actors such as an insider threat, criminal hacking, hacktivist activity and an advanced persistent threat, with the pace and complexity of malicious events tailored to the team’s performance and achievement of its training objectives. reports that the participants actively analyzed simulated activity on a virtual network using the defense tools that all cyber reserve teams have at their disposal. The scenarios they faced were meant to represent the types of challenges a cyber security team would have to resolve, whether within a private company or government services. This pilot showed the potential such exercise has and how they can teach and provide practical experience to the participants through team assessments, sophisticated digital training environments and emulation of numerous different scenarios. 

“The threat of cyberattacks against government, industry and private citizens continues to increase in frequency and consequence from numerous attackers with goals, techniques and effectiveness constantly changing,” said Scott Petersen, executive director of UC Digital Futures-Cyber Development. 

“Such complexity necessitates ever-improving technical and operational expertise to help secure the cyber ecosystem and recover from cyber incidents. Persistent training and education are vital.” Emphasized Petersen. “Exercises like this are widely considered a necessary best practice for our nation’s ‘first responders.’ They hone the technical skills of participants and forge relationships that are crucial for a coordinated response from government and private organizations”. 

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