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The Israeli Air Force opened the 7th Wing’s united school for elite air units. The school will instruct and train the Air Force’s special ground forces, Unit 669, the Shaldag commando unit, a dedicated intelligence unit, the Frontal Landing Unit, as well as SUFA aerial officers responsible for air support to the ground maneuver.

The school inaugurated at Tel Nof IAF base on Jan. 30 was established as part of a conceptual shift at the IAF regarding special operation forces. The AF established the 7th Wing in July 2020 in an attempt to improve the units’ operational effectiveness, according to

IAF Chief Maj.-Gen. Amikam Norkin: “In the coming years, the corps will complete its force building, infrastructure, and weapons. Our special forces will be an elite force and will take part in every mission and operation.”

The commander of the 7th Wing, Col.A: After decades where troops from each unit trained separately, “we have the opportunity to align” the education of all special air force troops in a school that demonstrates the characteristics of the forces. “Professionalism, responsibility, the realization of the vision, the partnership of destiny, flexibility, and the ability to adapt – these are the qualities and values that institutionalize the new school,” he said.

The school’s commander Lt.-Col. D said: “We are starting a new cycle today with the operational units, where the best fighters and commanders will train the future generation of troops in the units, a circle that relies on discourse and trust.” “There is still a lot of work ahead of us and we will learn and improve day by day, thanks to the people who are trained to teach the fighters of the special air forces.”