Take A Ride On A Virtual Train

Take A Ride On A Virtual Train

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VR headsets, provided by the Swiss train builder Stadler, have been allowing drivers to see inside the new metro cab before it has even been built. Drivers can offer essential feedback on the controls, layout, and instrument displays thanks to the virtual tour delivered by the computer-generated images.

Stadler is building 46 new Metro trains to enter operation in 2023 for the UK’s Tyne and Wear Metro, a light rail rapid transit system.

The technology delivers a wholly immersive experience that allows the drivers to explore the cab and provide feedback that the designers can use to refine the cab design. The VR technology allows the drivers to see for the first time what they can expect from the proposed cab layout and design.

As many of our 155 drivers as possible will be taking time out to use the VR headsets over a nine-week consultation period.

The kit enables drivers to get a feel for the new trains from the very early stages of the project and means that they can prepare for them well in advance. This ultimately saves time and resources. 

The new trains will have modern features including charging points, air conditioning, and a step-change in accessibility, according to sunderlandecho.com.

In Australia, Metro Trains Australia (MTA) has developed a bespoke virtual reality solution to educate future train drivers as part of a series of VR training modules for its workforce. Trainees using the VR platform are assessed in real-time using telemetry and diagnostic tools, which helps facilitators to understand and address roadblocks in the learning process and create tailored training experiences.

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