PHoto illus. warfighters by US Navy

Innovative Textile Development will Save Lives

New bite-resistant clothing for both commercial and military uses will prevent contamination in diseases transmitted by mosquitos, such as Zika, Dengue fever, and yellow...
ITL certification

Israeli Company ITL Granted Exclusive Acknowledgement by DHS Coast Guard 

Fuel station pump controllers, the electronic devices attached to a vehicle’s fuel filler neck to enable identification, have been an integral part of every...
water resupply

This Dual-Use Tech Extracts Water from Air 

Water is a critical resource for survival. Many remote locations have limited or polluted water supplies. Existing methods of water purification, such as desalination,...
Photo Iron Dome by Rafael

Egozi: Will Israel Deploy More Iron Dome Systems to Confront Future...

By Arie Egozi Iron Dome is, without any doubt, the "star" of the current fighting with Gaza. 90% intercepts have made the system more unique...

Smart System Triggers Parachute Deployment in Case of Drone Failure

Drones are often equipped with a parachute system as a support in case of failure. A software update of a system that detects failure...
amphibious vehicle

New Amphibious Vehicle is First with Hybrid Powertrain

A prototype of the Storm, a multi-role armored vehicle has been unveiled by the Ukrainian company Highland Systems. The armored MPV has a hybrid...

New Technology to Revolutionize Firefighting Operations

A groundbreaking tracking and location technology will soon allow emergency agencies to pinpoint their firefighters to within centimeters, helping to navigate them quickly and...
vehicle drive sideways

This Innovative Vehicle Can Move Sideways at Battlefield

A new vehicle described as “the world’s first truly hybrid armored vehicle” can lock its front and rear axles to move sideways across a...
covid protecton equipment

From Security R&D to Counter COVID-19 Innovation

Shifting from the development of protection against hazardous materials to improving the equipment of COVID-19 teams. Wearing COVID-19 personal protective equipment is cumbersome. A...
armored MPV

Meet New Armored MPV

A new multi-role armored vehicle has been exposed. The Storm developed by Ukrainian company Highland Systems is an armored multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) with a...

Unique Stabilization System Improves MEDEVAC Operations

Military pilots and MEDEVAC teams have long been coping with the challenge of getting a rescue litter and personnel to a patient easily and...
Trophy APS for tanks

Germany’s Leopard 2 MBT will be Equipped with Rafael’s Trophy APS

The German Federal Ministry of Defense has decided to equip the Bundeswehr's Leopard 2 MBTs with Rafael's Trophy Active Protection Systems (APS) by Rafael...

Boxer AFV Getting New Weapon System

Remote weapons stations (RWS) for the UK Army's new Boxer vehicles by Thales. RBSL and Rheinmetall Landsysteme have jointly awarded a contract to Thales UK...

Increased Survivability to US Soldiers Thanks to New System

The US Military’s Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles will be equipped with a new Underbody Armor Kit, also known as Underbody Protection Kit which...

New Capability Now Available for Drones

The Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) concept enables the warfighter — and/or another aircraft — to instantly determine if an entity encountered is friendly...

Elbit Systems to Supply Light Tanks to a Country in Asia-Pacific

Light tanks can provide highly effective firepower on the battlefield. Elbit Systems was awarded a contract valued at approximately $172 million to supply light...

Israeli Camouflage Technology to Revolutionize Battlefield

While Israel’s adversaries have improved their ability to spot IDF soldiers using advanced cameras, including thermal cameras and night-vision equipment, until now there has...
personal protection gear

Can New Personal Protection Gear Be Trusted?

A new personal protection gear designed for US soldiers has failed to meet ballistic protection requirements. The US Army’s new Soldier Protection System (SPS)...

Dual-Use Applications to New Meta-Material

The longitudinal and shear energy waves produced by earthquakes travel through the ground and can destroy buildings miles from the epicenter. Preventing that damage...

3D Printer to Supply Scalpel Right at Battlefield

Critical care at the battlefield will save lives and provide a more complete recovery thanks to the innovative use of 3D printers.  3D printers can...

No More Helicopter Vibrations?

Imagine a helicopter flight where the pilot and soldiers feel no vibration. The potential impact of vibration on the warfighter is substantial. A new...

Advanced Cyber Protection to Stryker Army Vehicle 

Advanced military weapon systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks. One of them has been the US Army’s Stryker family of 8x8 wheeled armored vehicles,...