hydrogen power

Innovative Power Solution to Enable Long-Range Drone Flights

One of the challenges confronted by hydrogen-powered drone operators is getting fuel. Around the world, hydrogen fueling stations currently are few and far between....

Successful Test Flight Performed by Hydrogen Drone

Fuel cells are an environmentally friendly power technology that also can provide superior performance for certain applications. A fuel cell uses the chemical energy...

New Energy Solution for UAVs

With a higher energy-to-mass ratio than traditional battery systems, Hydrogen Fuel Cells can provide commercial UAVs with over three times the flight endurance. A...
military technologies

Top 10 Military Technological Developments of 2019

Groundbreaking military technologies were developed during 2019, from new power resources to human-machine teaming. Here are the top 10 of the leading ones developed...

First Open-Ocean Flight by Hydro-Powered Drone

An open-ocean drone test flight driven by the goal of improving timely delivery medical services was completed between two islands in under two hours....

Patent Filed on Hydrogen Producing Technology

  The United States Army has recently announced that it will begin to use a new technology designed to harvest hydrogen. The technology harvests hydrogen...