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With a higher energy-to-mass ratio than traditional battery systems, Hydrogen Fuel Cells can provide commercial UAVs with over three times the flight endurance. A new fuel cell system intended for small scale robotics, automatic guided vehicles (AGVs),  unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and other aerospace applications has been launched. 

The new 1kW ProGen system by Plug Power combines a patented light-weight and rugged construction method with its proprietary air-cooled, closed-cathode technology.

The technology allows devices with electric motors to run cleanly and efficiently. The lightweight and rugged system is specially designed to deliver extended flight endurance and run times under the most demanding operating conditions. With a compressed hydrogen fuel source, the system outperforms the average lithium battery in terms of endurance by a factor of three to four. With liquid hydrogen fueling systems,  this endurance advantage is extended to a factor of up to nine times.

It is a larger and more powerful version of the ProGen 450W. 

The new ProGen 1kW fuel cell system is protected by five U.S. patents, and is one of five sub-2kW products offered by the company, according to