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Interested in innovation in the defense and security field? Join us and learn from the leading defense industries and the best experts about the...

Nano-UAV New Version Supplies Combatants with New Capabilities

A new version of the Black Hornet nano-UAV enables the warfighter to maintain situational awareness, threat detection, and surveillance for battle damage assessment, pre-deployment...
stealth aircraft

New Radar to Be Able to Expose Stealth Aircraft

Stealth aircraft rely on special paint and body design to absorb and deflect radio waves—making them invisible to traditional radar. They also use electronic...

AI-Human Hybrid Soldiers in Rapid Development

U.S. defense intelligence is becoming increasingly concerned by a new technology rapidly emerging in the Chinese military - AI-human hybrid soldiers. Earlier this month, Intelligence...
new discovery

New Discovery to Revolutionize Electronics World

Researchers have discovered a new two-dimensional material, derived from the rare element tellurium, to make transistors that carry a current better throughout a computer...
insect-sized flying robot

First Untethered Insect-Sized Flying Robot Developed

An insect-sized flying robot could help with time-consuming tasks like surveying crop growth on large farms or sniffing out gas leaks. These robots soar...

Cost-Effective Solution for Microsatellite Launch Under Development

When launched from the ground, rockets require lots of fuel to push through the dense air of those first miles. If another vehicle floats...

Insect-Size Microrobotics for Life-Saving Operations

Microrobots have been studied by the U.S. military for years, but they tend to be simple machines with limited intelligence. Recently, however, the Defense...
soft robot

Magnetic Soft Robots Could Perform Military Tasks

Soft robotic capabilities and manufacturing at the point of need are among the US Army's top research priorities. Newly-developed 3-D printed robotic structures can...

Alloy Revelations to Aid Soldiers on Battlefield

Army researchers are now using metallic alloys in order to develop new materials with a broad range of capabilities for soldiers. With this technology,...
rocket propulsion

Next Big Thing in Rocket Propulsion

This is the next big thing in rocket propulsion. An Israeli company is developing a gel-based propellant that will change the way rockets and...
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Call for Dual Use Technology Startups

Are you a startup company related to the security sector? Are you looking for recognition, international exposure, access to investors, and the ability to...
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Open Call for Startups With Dual-Use Technologies

iHLS and the Ministry of Defense invite you to join the fifth cycle of INNOFENSE and receive a remarkable opportunity to showcase your technology...
tiny bots

Tiny Bots Future Mission

From conducting reconnaissance in advance of missions through to searching for survivors in collapsed, unstable buildings in humanitarian operations, the potential on future bee-sized...
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Your Next Opportunity! Apply to Security and HLS Startup Competiton

iHLS is delighted to host for the first time the prestigious Startup Competition for innovative technologies in the security, defense and homeland security fields,...
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Accelerate Your Startup! Apply to iHLS Security Accelerator

Have you been developing a ground-breaking technology in the fields of video analytics, cybersecurity, unmanned systems, counter drones, terror tunnel detection, border security, etc.? We...

World’s Smallest Nano-UAS – Soldier’s Best Friend

France is advancing its Operational Pocket Drone (DrOP) program. The French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA) has awarded FLIR Systems with a $89 million contract...

Cell-Phone Tech will Detect Zika Virus

Researchers are trying to transform a smartphone into a Zika detecting device. A new research details efforts to rapidly and accurately diagnose Zika using...
startup accelerator

Call for Startups – Apply to iHLS Security Accelerator 8th Batch

Are you developing a ground-breaking technology in the fields of unmanned systems, coping with COVID-19 pandemic, counter drones, border security, safe city? We invite you...
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Call for Startups – iHLS Innovation Centre

iHLS is an accelerator for the security sector and its various unique characteristics that provides startups with recognition, international exposure, access to investors and...
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Revolutionizing the World of Nanodiamonds

Diamonds, the most precious of stones, have far more uses than you might think, and the Israeli company Ray Techniques is giving them away...

Want to Accelerate Your Startup? Apply to iHLS Security Accelerator

Apply Now! Are you a disruptive startup in the security field?  We at the iHLS Security Accelerator are looking for innovative ground-breaking technologies offering solutions for...