Russia Develops Landmine With ‘Electronic Brain’

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Russia has developed new anti-personnel landmines with smart electronic brains that are capable of distinguishing between soldiers and civilians. The landmine goes off only when someone armed approaches it. The all new Medalyon POM-3 rules out any unauthorized diffusing or premature explosion, reported Sputnik News. When activated, the landmine fires an explosive charge in a 360-degree horizontal arc.

The landmine’s Russian-designed nanochip is almost impossible to crack. “Even if the enemy is lucky enough to get hold of the POM-3 and is still alive afterwards, he will never be able to figure out how it works,” The Scientific Research Institute of Engineering’s director Igor Smirnov told Russian TV. The head of the Institute’s department of munitions, mining and demining, Mikhail Zhukov, said that because of the mine’s electronic brain, the time of its self-destruction can be remotely set, changed or cancelled altogether.

The smart landmines have already cleared field tests, and will soon enter service with the Russian armed forces. Moscow isn’t just developing advanced military technologies. It is actively using them against the Islamic State in Syria. According to ValueWalk, Russia’s little-known self-aiming bomb called the SBPE has been found in Syria. The self-guided SBPE uses infrared guidance to track and strike tanks and other military equipment with “great precision.” The SBPE smart munitions are highly effective in destroying multiple targets like military equipment, as proven by several Russian attacks where troops destroyed 50 ISIS vehicles, and in another case they blew up 20 ISIS tanks.