Meet New Lidar-Based Security Solution

Meet New Lidar-Based Security Solution

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Traditional cameras lack 3D image capture capability and rely on optimal lighting conditions. A new lidar-enabled three-dimensional monitoring system is expected to bridge this gap. 

Lidar is a technology that uses eye-safe laser beams to create a 3D representation of the surveyed environment.

The development is the result of a collaboration between Cepton Technologies, a provider of smart lidar solutions, and security solution provider Bowler Pons, a specialist in technology-focused enhanced electronic security systems, such as entry control points, perimeters, airspace, and other protected areas. 

Utilizing the insightful perception capabilities provided by Cepton’s MMT Vista-P sensors as one of multiple sensing modalities, the company has launched a cost-effective, highly adaptable 3D monitoring system that accurately detects, tracks, and classifies objects to assess situations of interest against pre-defined threat characteristics, behaviors, and rule sets via a single fusion and analytics engine. The incorporation of lidar addresses some of the critical limitations and provides the integrated system with improved detection and categorization accuracy thanks to lidar’s high-resolution 3D imaging with embedded real-time dimension, location, and speed information. 

Further, the fact that the information capture by lidar sensors is “anonymous” (e.g., not personally identifiable) helps rapidly enable the creation of autonomous alerts, which in turn improve operator response time while simultaneously protecting individual privacy when detecting and responding to anomalies, according to