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The ability to see in the dark offers exceptional advantages on the battlefield, but night vision equipment still has many limitations. A newly showcased technology that significantly lights up a wearer’s vision may have overcome those limits. Videos of the goggles in use by military troops during live-fire exercises have spurred many reactions that liken the visuals to a video game.

The Enhanced Night Vision Goggle-Binocular (ENVG-B) takes the green-tinted visuals of conventional night vision and sharpens them with a glowing high-contrast outline. The difference between this new technology and standard military night vision is striking.

Conventional night vision goggles work by taking any ambient light photons within an environment and passing them through a photocathode, where they are then transformed into electrons. The electrons will then contact a green phosphor fluorescent tube, which creates an enhanced visibility image. 

The phosphorescent green is uniquely distinguishable to the human eye and can be viewed for long periods of time without fatigue. The ENVG-B works on a similar principle, but instead of the green phosphor tube, white phosphor fluorescence is used to create a sharp outline around objects in motion, such as people and weapons, as reported by The ENVG-B also improves depth perception by lifting objects from the background. They further expand upon the capabilities of conventional night vision by integrating with augmented reality systems and the scopes of remote weapons. 

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