Attend Border, Perimeter & Offshore Security Conference

Attend Border, Perimeter & Offshore Security Conference and Exhibition on May 7, 2019 at the Lago Conference Center, Rishion LeZion West. Israel is a global leader...

Autonomous Tech for Underwater Missions

Many factors make autonomous underwater systems tricky to put into practice. Water clarity can range from glass-clear to extremely turbid, with visibility sometimes in...

Drones Widen Their Scope of Activity to New Fields

Like any technology, drones are being used for good as well as malevolent purposes. There is a potential threat to transport such as container...
uav speed

Egozi: UAV Speed to Be Accelerated

By Arie Egozi In certain missions, the speed of a UAV IS essential. The Israeli Aerospace                                                                                                                       Industries (IAI) is in the middle of a development...

Incorporation of AI in UUVs Now Accelerated

New cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) is intended to result in advanced AI systems in unmanned surface vehicles (UUVs). The goal:...
drone inspection

Watch: Offshore Installation Inspection Performed by Drone

Offshore wind turbines have been inspected by drones. Rhode Island-based Deepwater Wind has recently authorized deployments of drone technology to capture high-resolution data of...
search and rescue drone

Meet Unique Search and Rescue Drone at AUS&R 2018

One of the intriguing systems that will be showcased at the AUS&R unmanned systems and robotics conference and exhibition on October 15, 2018 is...

Counter Enemy-Boat Tech Inspired by Nature

Stopping smuggler’s boats or enemy vessels can sometimes be a complex challenge. Currently, the US Navy stops boats particularly suspected smugglers by using a...

Effective Mobile Communication Developed for Maritime Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers coordinating and participating in dangerous operations to stop drug trafficking need reliable communications. The US Joint Interagency Task Force South (JIATFS),...
Iron Dome By Rafael

Egozi: The Mission – Protecting Israeli Offshore Assets

By Arie Egozi Israel is accelerating the development and deployment of systems that can protect the country's gas pumping rigs in the Mediterranean. This comes...

Saudi Arabia to Purchase Small Warships for Lockheed Martin

Saudi Arabia’s government will receive four corvette-sized small surface warships from Lockheed Martin Corp., within the framework of a $451 million order. Saudi Arabia...

Successful Flight Test for Raytheon’s Surface-to-Air Missile

The first successful guided flight test of Raytheon's ESSM Block 2 intermediate-range, surface-to-air missile has been completed by the U.S. Navy. The Block 2...

Drones Increase Safety in Workplaces

The International Labour Organization estimates that 2.3 million people worldwide die due to work-related reasons each year. It’s a figure that comprises both job-site...
coast guard

Norway is Enhancing its Coast Guard

Norway has been upgrading its offshore security capabilities. The Norwegian military will be equipped with three new coast guard vessels from Vard Langsten in...
patrol boats

IAI Patrol Boats Customer Exposed

Angola is the customer for four Super Dvora Mk 3 patrol boats ordered from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) in 2015. At the time the...
naval barrier

IDF is Constructing Naval Barrier on Gaza Border

The underground barrier and fences system along the Gaza Strip border will soon be complemented by a new impregnable naval barrier at the Zikim...

Minesweeper – Now the Autonomous Version

At present, the UK Royal Navy’s equipment used to destroy mines needs to be manned by a crew and specialist divers can be required...

Boeing Supplies Helicopter to Japan Coast Guard

The H225 helicopter is known for its speed, range, and payload in the 11-ton-category twin-turbine rotorcraft. It is the newest member of Airbus’ Super...
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

New Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Unveiled

An autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) can assist military and law enforcement agencies in underwater search and recovery and help in undersea surveillance, or monitor offshore...
maritime surveillance

Leonardo Showcases New Rotary UAS for Maritime Surveillance

A new UAV will supply a cost-effective maritime surveillance and security solution to the Australian navy. The Italian company Leonardo has teamed with Air...
tactical uas

Israeli Company Unveils Quantum Leap in Tactical UAS Field

A new tactical UAS offers groundbreaking possibilities. The pioneering family of UASs Peres has been unveiled, delivering significant breakthroughs in technology, operation, and logistics....

DARPA To Use Organisms To Monitor The Ocean

The world's vast oceans and seas offer seemingly endless spaces in which adversaries can maneuver undetected. The U.S. military deploys networks of manned and...


image from video

Revolutionary Snake-Inspired Robot Can Move and Manipulate Objects

Snake-inspired robots have many advantages over conventional wheeled or legged ones, like adapting the shape of their body, entering narrow spaces and moving freely...