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An autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) can assist military and law enforcement agencies in underwater search and recovery and help in undersea surveillance, or monitor offshore installations without a human operator involvement. L3 Technologies has been enhancing its undersea C6ISR capabilities. The company has recently exposed the newest generation of its Iver family of autonomous underwater vehicles, the Iver4-PW. The vehicle more than doubles the range of the existing systems while adding more capability.

The new Iver PW is the first in a family of advanced, highly capable military AUVs to address a wide variety of missions, including multi-domain intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), anti-submarine warfare (ASW), seabed warfare and mine warfare.

Iver AUVs support a range of military AUV tasks, with longer endurance, enhanced reliability and survivability, multi-sensor support and increased autonomy. With advanced capabilities, the new Iver PW extends critical features that have made the Iver product family the AUV of choice for military and commercial missions.

Since its inception in 2003, L3 OceanServer has sold more than 300 AUVs worldwide, providing highly capable solutions to a broad array of military, commercial and international customers.