Egozi: Increasing Demand to Israeli Standoff Weapon Systems

By Arie Egozi  07Increasing demand for the Israeli-developed standoff weapon systems. This is the result of the hundreds of airstrikes performed by the Israeli airforce (IAF)...

Egozi: Israel and Cyber War

By Arie Egozi For Russia, Syria was a huge war laboratory. Russian President Vladimir Putin recently said that the experience gained by the Russian defense...
Photo illust. URAN-9 by Wikimedia

Robots in Urban Setting – What Insights?

In an effort that likely reflects Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s desire for more unmanned systems at the battlefield, a unified concept regarding the operation...

Egozi: Explosive Drones are Small but Dangerous

By Arie Egozi During recent years, the drone threat has evolved at a record rate. Cheap, small drones which can be easily turned into lethal...

Aerial Reconnaissance Device Launched by Combatants

A new system makes it possible to promptly receive photo and video data on emergency occurrence sites and battlefields or in areas where information...
combat uav program

Iran’s Combat Drone Program – What Global Consequences?

During 2018, Iran has increased combat drone operations both domestically and internationally. The Iranian indigenous drone program seems like a serious threat to both...
friendly fire

The End to Death By Friendly Fire?

During training and even operational missions, an unfortunately common occurrence among troops is death by friendly fire. The situation is even more difficult for...

ISIS Still Has Combat Drone Capabilities

A recent publication by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center evaluates that ISIS still has drone warfare capabilities despite setbacks and Syria...

Turkey Purchases Russian Missile Defense System

The Turkish minister of defense, Hulusi Akar, recently states that Russia will supply Turkey with Russian-made S-400 missile defense systems, which will be installed...
eW capabilities

Russia is Enhancing its EW Capabilities

Russia has been using electronic warfare (EW) in various arenas. Russian forces have been particularly successful at using electronic warfare technology to interfere with...

Russia is Looking for New UAV Markets

A Russian unmanned aerial vehicle may be sold to a Middle Eastern country. Officials from the Russian defense firm Kronshtadt Group announced the possible...

Innovation in Future Soldier Protection Gear

Modern small arms developed by leading countries feature high armor-piercing capabilities even with the small caliber. In view of this, Russia and other countries...

Increase in UAV Attacks on Russian Stronghold in Syria

Unmanned aerial vehicles have been employed extensively by the various players in the Syrian arena. Russia's Hmeimim airbase in Syria has intercepted a total...

Egozi: Syria as a War Laboratory

By Arie Egozi The civil war in Syria has ruined most parts of this country. While the population has been suffering from attacks on civil...

Russia Unveils New Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles

Russia has been showcasing its unmanned combat capabilities. The Russian defense ministry unveiled two unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs) during a military parade in...

Egozi: Israel’s Home Front is Not Prepared

By Arie Egozi In recent years, we have been repeatedly warning here that the Israeli home front is not prepared for an emergency. But in...
assault rifles

Russian Army Upgrades its Assault Rifles

The AK-12 and AK-15 assault rifles will replace older weapons in the Russian Armed Forces. The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed in January that it...

Egozi: Israeli-Developed Ground-to-Ground Missiles Ready for Action

  By Arie Egozi The Israeli-developed highly accurate ground-to-ground missiles will play a major role in every future confrontation. Avigdor Lieberman, the Israeli Defense Minister, has been...

Egozi: S-300 Missiles in Syria Are a Big Headache for Israel

By Arie Egozi All signs show that the Russians are about to supply their S-300 surface-to-air missiles to Syria. This is raising the level of...

Russian Military is Jamming US Drones Over Syria

The US-Russian conflict over Syria has had an effect also on unmanned aerial vehicle operation in the area. Four American officials claim that the...
Juniper Cobra Joint Exercise

US, Israel In Joint Exercise Against Major Threats

US and Israeli commanders overseeing a major joint air defence exercise spoke of preparing for evolving threats in the Middle East during the month-long...
OSV-96 Sniper Rifle

Russian Sniper Rifle Turned Syrian Commando’s Favorite

The battles in syria have been raging on ever since March 2011. In recent years, Russia has gotten into the country, and it support...


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AI Model Enhances Heart Scan Analysis

Experts from the Universities of East Anglia, Sheffield, and Leeds have developed a new groundbreaking AI method that improves the accuracy and efficiency of...