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The Growing Need for Satellite Cybersecurity

The expansion of the digital realm into space has opened new frontiers for cyber threats, posing unprecedented challenges. The satellites orbiting Earth are crucial for...
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Bluetooth Trackers Used for Crime

Bluetooth trackers are useful for finding your phone, your keys, or your luggage. They do so by emitting a Bluetooth signal (that varies from...
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Have You Heard of The ‘Atomic Clock’?

Synchronizing time in modern warfare – down to billionths and trillionths of a second – is critical for mission success. High-tech missiles, sensors, aircraft,...
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How Can Quantum Machanics Be Used in The Military?

Quantum technology translates the principles of quantum physics into technological applications. In general, quantum technology has not yet reached maturity; however, it could hold...
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Deep Learning Technology Predicts Accidents on The Road

Studies say that by combining historical accident data with road maps, satellite imagery, and GPS, a machine learning model is trained to create high-resolution...

The Atomic Clock – Technology Ruling The Sea

The world’s first atomic clock of its kind has been fitted to Britain’s biggest warship, HMS Prince of Wales, to help ensure pinpoint accuracy...
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No GPS? – Welcome This Navigation Device

A new navigation device that will enable warfighters to better shoot, move and communicate in a GPS degraded environment, could replace the legacy handheld...
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Should Militaries Invest In GPS Technologies?

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and other satellite tracking systems (GNSS) are significant and important tools that support military goals and missions, and they are...
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Futuristic Technology to Replace GPS

Quantum as an alternative to GPS? Probably yes. A new vacuum chamber contains a cloud of atoms at the right conditions for precise navigational...
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No GPS? Not A Problem for This Bomber System

The final test of a B-2A bomber radar aided targeting system has been conducted by the US Air Force. The system will enable weapon...
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The Future of GPS Dependency

Our total dependence on GPS in our daily lives is troublesome. Most, if not all, of military, financial, and commercial systems completely rely on...
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Watch: Drone Swarm Avoiding Obstacles in Thick Forest

Drone swarms have been usually tested in open environments without obstacles, or with the location of those obstacles pre-programmed. Highly cluttered environments such as...
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Innovative Mapping Solution for Underground Environments

Data capture experts have been using Hovermap payload to map challenging and dangerous environments, from the world’s deepest base-metal mine to oil and gas...
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GPS-Denied Targeting Solution to Support US Marines

Electro-optical targeting teams from the US Marine Corps needed a portable system to help them acquire targets quickly on the battlefield. Soon they will...

The UK is Searching for GNSS Alternative

For over two decades systems such as Global Positioning System (GPS) and Galileo have been used for commercial and military positioning and navigation. In...

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to Proivde Satellite Navigation

With unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) representing a rapidly expanding user base, a new UAV is joinging the ranks of the Navigation Laboratory of the...
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New Simulation Tech will Tackle Challenging Combat Arena

The US Air Force is integrating a new GPS simulator for weapons testing under electronic warfare — jamming — environments. The move is part...
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Global Counter-UAV Market is Growing

Military forces around the world will increase their investment in counter unmanned aerial vehicle systems. This market is expected to grow from US$ 1,921.55...
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Responding to the Challenge of GNSS Jamming and Spoofing 

GNSS spoofing has become a growing security threat. This type of attack is a malicious attempt to alter a user's global navigation satellite system...
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New Military Solution for GPS-Denied Environment

Military equipment can be the subject of enemy electronic attacks, potentially resulting in a loss of location awareness that can put Army missions at...

GPS-Denied Battle Management Solution Exposed

A new battle management technology program enables unmanned systems to better form “mesh” networks through air and ground nodes to perform a greater range...

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Ukraine’s New “Sea Baby” – A Rocket-Armed Kamikaze Marine Drone

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has recently unveiled its brand-new rocket-armed unmanned surface vessel (USV). This upgraded kamikaze naval drone called “the Sea...