GPS-Denied Targeting Solution to Support US Marines

GPS-Denied Targeting Solution to Support US Marines

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Electro-optical targeting teams from the US Marine Corps needed a portable system to help them acquire targets quickly on the battlefield. Soon they will be equipped with a new targeting technology capable of operation in GPS-denied environments. 

Northrop Grumman has been selected to provide the Marine Corps with the Next Generation Handheld Targeting System (NGHTS), a compact targeting device that provides precision targeting. The system will be supplied under a $252 million eight-year contract.

The system will significantly enhance the ability of Marines to identify ground targets under a wide range of conditions, according to the company’s announcement. “Connected to military networks, NGHTS can provide superior situational awareness and accurate coordinates for the delivery of effects from beyond the line of sight.”

The light-weight man-portable device is capable of performing rapid target acquisition, laser terminal guidance operation and laser spot imaging functions. Its high-definition infrared sensors provide accuracy and grid capability over extended ranges. Additional features include a high-definition color display and day/night celestial compasses.

NGHTS targeting system will combine the current legacy capabilities into one system that is compatible with current and future fire-support systems, and will support the Marine Corps for the next 15 to 20 years. NGHTS will reduce the weight of Marine Corps laser designation and laser spot imaging capability by 60 percent, cited experts.