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Body-worn solutions, from video capture in the field to presentation of evidence in the courtroom, serve law enforcement, first response teams and private security officers. However, the variation among the systems brings about compatibility problems when integrating the different systems.

A new body-worn solution has been launched by Axis Communications in response to the growing demand by law enforcement for an open architecture technology that would allow maximum flexibility and integration with existing systems. 

The system includes a robust camera, docking station and system controller. The open system architecture will allow for flexible integration with other video management systems (VMS) and evidence management systems (EMS) including those from Axis itself. 

The company said their long cooperation with security professionals and law enforcement brought attention to the increasing demands of their work. 

The new Axis body worn camera captures video up to 1080p at 30fps and audio through dual microphones for noise suppression capabilities. Wide dynamic range technology is employed to guarantee image quality in even the most challenging light conditions, while Zipstream for body worn reduces the demands for storage. 

Battery power is designed to cover a ‘full shift’, with 12 hours of normal usage and the capability for charging in-car or from a power bank.

According to the company’s announcement, the docking station and the system controller are separate units. The system is easily scalable for large and cost-efficient body worn systems. The system controller provides a single integration and management point and allows for fast and reliable video offloading (100Mbit per camera). 

All data is encrypted both at rest and in transfer using AES256 and TLS. In addition, video data can be fully end-to-end encrypted with specific integrations.

A mobile application allows users to review footage and add categories, descriptions and notes.