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A new AI-based video management software provides critical decision-support capabilities to increase mission effectiveness and situational awareness for ground vehicle crews. The highly integrated standalone device acquires, processes, and displays real-time video sensor data for vehicle-based local situational awareness and driver vision enhancer applications.

Pleora’s RuggedCONNECT Smart Video Switching platform converts sensor data from multiple sources into a standardized feed that is transmitted over a low latency, multicast Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) network to endpoints. 

Manufacturers can design straightforward camera-to-display systems and cost-effectively evolve to fully networked architectures integrating different sensor and display types, switching, processing, and recording units. With all devices connected to a common infrastructure, vehicle crew can view information they need on a single display and know immediately if something has changed in their environment.

Combining the high-performance networking capabilities of RuggedCONNECT with the power of an NVIDIA GPU, designers can easily add AI image processing and graphics overlay decision-support capabilities to reduce cognitive burden and increase mission effectiveness, according to the company website.

The compute power of the NVIDIA GPU supports applications such as AI/Machine Learning, image fusion, 360 degree stitching, map/ terrain overlay, and image enhancement to more demanding convolutional-neural network based threat detection and classification.

The software includes automatic threat detection, region of interest, and rollover warning capabilities to improve battlefield intelligence, according to

The system’s architecture allows to address various sensor and display interfaces, such as HD-SDI, VGA, or custom sensor/display requirements. This same architecture enables Pleora to add more interfaces, support a different mix of interfaces, additional network interfaces, and general communications ports.