IDF in Midst of Digital Transformation 

Photo illus. IDF Spokesperson digital tranrsformation-

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Connectivity is the major enabler of cooperation among all the military arms at the battlefield. All the players are interconnected and operate with a common network space.

The establishment of the IDF digital transformation was one of the main decisions within the framework of the Tnufa (momentum) program which is currently underway. The move is designed to lead a major digital transformation process in the IDF.

The Air Force, Navy, ground forces and others will be all connected to the same network to which relevant operational data is streamed, so that everyone will see the same reflection of the situation. 

On November 7, 2019, Brig. Gen. Ziv Avtalion entered office as the Head of the Digital Transformation Administration at the IDF Computer Service Directorate, replacing Brig. Gen. Omer Dagan, who had served in this role during the last two years.

Photo IDF Spokesperson digital transformation

According to IDF Spokesperson, the digital transformation is designed to achieve three goals:

Operational Internet – a common language for forces at see, air and on the ground. The operational internet is the major operative shift within the digital transformation process. It enables interconnectivity and network in all IDF forces, thus connecting all the forces and platforms at the battlefield to each other as well as to the IDF cloud that processes and extracts information. All these factors will increase IDF’s lethality.

Information Extraction – Large quantities of operational multi-force information are accumulated at the operational internet, enabling a dialog regarding the situation. In addition, the information will be processed and extracted in order to make the wealth of information accessible to the commander end in an accurate and relevant manner, in order to enable an operational recommendation to the tactical end.

The goal is to improve operational effectiveness at the modern battlefield and recommend to the commander on a relevant, information-based operation.

User Experience of the digital soldier – using advanced information systems will maximize service time, improve processes and cut bureaucracy.

The IDF Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Maj. Gen. Lior Carmeli said: “Maneuvering should be multi-force and multi-dimensional, fusing all the capabilities of the IDF and synchronizing them to a unified and coordinated effort in order to gain victory over the enemy.”