Call for Video Analytics Startups

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Video Analytics technology has been undergoing a major revolution in recent years. Israel has been at the forefront of the development of smart technologies in this thriving field in both the commercial and military sectors. The innovative solutions enable the swift and smart analysis of the data streamed by smart security cameras and real-time decision making.

At the coming Video Analytics Conference on December 19, 2019 we will demonstrate the latest developments in this promising technological field. The event taking place for the seventh year will include an exhibition of the various systems. 

The defense industries and security organizations have been constantly searching for innovative ideas for advanced systems, and the event will offer a unique opportunity to connect with the relevant industries.

This is a call for startups developing video analytics systems to come and demonstrate their systems to the conference participants from the IDF, police, security organizations, defense industries, entrepreneurs, investors, and Israeli and international media representatives.

We are looking for video analytics developers in fields including:

  • Infrastructure – passive, active, intelligent, mobile and static (wireless/cellular) and hybrid
  • Artificial intelligence and new algorithms
  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Computer vision
  • Computing and storage – distributed and centralized
  • 3D video 
  • Face and gesture analysis
  • Anomaly detection in crowded scenes
  • Analysis of human behavior for event detection
  • Advanced video compression methods
  • Synopsis production, integration, information fusion
  • Video forensics
  • Data mining, big data search and retrieval 
  • Video protection – cybersecurity
  • System approach (perimeter security, safe city) 
  • Smart security
  • Smart mobility

and more

If you think you have the relevant technology, please contact iHLS:

[email protected]   Ofir +972-54-6742036

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