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When a disaster occurs, every minute counts. A new drone solution will provide 24/7 first-response service to disasters in Asia in less than one hour, including surveillance, mapping and broadcasting live situational awareness to a command center while autonomous assets race to the scene for more support.

The service will operate around the Ring of Fire – a 25,000-mile region encompassing the Asian side of the Pacific Ocean where numerous earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur.

The solution developed by the Singaporean company Drone Solution Services (DSS), is entitled  24/7 Unmanned Search & Rescue Services: “When a disaster occurs, response success is measured in days with a response time of three days being considered a successful response. Drone Solutions does not [subscribe] to this outdated adage. Its application of innovative drone technology will ‘turn the clock back’ such that the norm will diminish to not more than 24 hours.”

The subscription-based service – a kind of 911 coverage – will be offered to governments and non-governmental organizations as well as multinational corporations and military forces operating in the region.

Last month, the company launched the Center of Drone Excellence which will be staffed with engineers from several drone-related disciplines including mechanical, electrical, mechatronics, AI, acoustics/sonar and robotics engineering, as reported by

The company supplies operation in highly restricted and dangerous areas, 2D and 3D mapping, 3D and dynamic modeling, simulation, live streaming,

reconnaissance, HD photography and filming. The company primarily operates Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLS) UAVs which are remotely operated; they are instrumental in short to long range reconnaissance, surveying, mapping as well as delivery and logistics, according to its website.